Friday, July 18, 2008

Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit

Creating this blog is a small project I thought that occasionally undertaking would be helpful for myself and maybe for others.
Our centers goals are to allow people to pursue a whole life attitude in health and wellness.
This blog will start as a place to write about inspirations, ideas and projects to help with this process for myself and anyone else who may be inspired to do so.

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Just a Prairie Boy said...

I am interested in reaching Dean M. Roach who wrote an article about "Christianity and the Martial Arts" posted on your website.

I am a Christian interested in learning martial arts.

Mr. Roach answered most of my questions, except for one. If you can provide the answer to it I will be pleased. OTH, if you can forward it to Mr. roach. I would be equally delighted.

As it is customary to bow upon entering and exiting a dojo to show respect; when the dojo is empty, but for yourself, to whom or what are you offering respect?

Thank you.